Yuba Expeditions Double Down Shuttles

Yuba Expeditions Double Down Shuttles at the Lost Sierra Convergence 

We are working our friends at Yuba Expeditions to provide round trip shuttles from Basecamp. Imagine being shuttled from your campsite to the trailhead and back. This is the ultimate experience! For $100, per day, the kind folks at Yuba Expeditions will swoop you at 10:30 on Friday and/or Saturday and promptly take you to the first stop Mills Peak. The Mills Peak trail “is a fast and fun high mountain singletrack that rips down the mountain between close trees and large embedded rocks. Great shuttle run” It is about 7 miles long and 2500 feet of descending. For more information on this trail, check out TrailForks. Second stop is the Downieville Downhill! This is a 14 mile downhill with a short climb in the middle. 4800 feet of descending. It is fast, flowy, rocky, technical with loose terrain. It’s one of the best shuttle runs in the US. You will end in downtown Downieville, an gold mining town, where you can jump in the river and have a cold beverage before the shuttle whisks you back to Basecamp for some LIVE music in the Barn. For more information on this trail, check out Trailforks. Space is limited. You must be a registered camper to join the Double Down shuttle. To learn more about the Lost Sierra Convergence, please click here.

When: July 15th and/or 16th, 2022

Cost: $100 per day per person