The Brewtrails Shuttle

Furnished by Sierra Charters

The Brewtrails Shuttle
Furnished by Sierra Charters at the Lost Sierra Convergence.

This is a round trip shuttle from Basecamp that takes you on some of the coolest and most beautiful in the Lost Sierra!

Stops include Lake Davis, Portola Riverwalk Disc Golf Course, the Brewing Lair, Ronin Fermentation Project , Greagle Mill Pond and the Lakes Basin.

Enjoy a cold beer at two breweries. Take a deep in the lakes. Hike the stunning Lakes Basin. Let Sierra Charters take care of you!

Shuttles start at 10:30 and will run throughout the day till 7 PM. So you can get on and off as you please!

Space is limited. You must be a registered camper to join the Brew Trails shuttle. To learn more about the Lost Sierra Convergence, please click here.

When: July 15th and/or 16th, 2022
Costs: $30 per day per person