Happy Pines Campout


Enjoy a weekend in the Happy Pines with music, activities and camping in the “Lost Sierras” at the Sierra Valley Basecamp. The weekend features 2 evenings of music in the barn by Jelly Bread, Mad Caddies, The Happy’s, Chuck Robertson & friends, and Sex Rat. Daytime activities include on-site giant slip and slide, ATV tours, Hiking, and Mtn biking. This two day event includes camping of any kind. Vanlifers, RV’s, Trailers, and tents are all welcome with no additional fees. Shack up right near the action around the historic barn that serves as the stage, saloon and a beautiful backdrop for all the musical performances. Food trucks and vendors will be available but plan to carry enough food and water for the weekend.

Sierra Valley Basecamp is located 45 min from Reno, 40 min from Truckee, 90 Min from Sacramento at 2634 Beckwourth Calpine Rd. Beckwourth, CA 96129-1947

2 Days of Camping, Activities, and Music

Ticket Prices

 $125 – Price includes 2 nights of camping and music

$75 – Friday Night Only: Jelly Bread and Chuck Robertson and Friends

$75 – Saturday Night Only: Mad Caddies, The Happy’s, Sex Rat

All Ages Event (kids under 12 are free)

*For a more personal experience, we have limited tickets for this event*

Want to ‘Glamp” rent a RV, trailer, van here: www.outdoorsy.com

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HAPPY PINES CAMPOUT MUSIC + ACTIVITIES September 17th - 19th, 2021 Happy Pines Campout  Music Festival is 1 day and 2 nights filled with happy people, happy times, and good music! Music will be held both evenings in a late 1800’s refurbished barn. We are encouraging everyone to explore the “Lost Sierras” during the day on Saturday. This area is rich with lakes, hiking / MTN. bike trails, and plenty of happy pines!

MUSIC: Jelly Bread, Mad Caddies, The Happy's, Chuck Robertson and friends, and Sex Rat

ABOUT LOCATION : SIERRA VALLEY BASECAMP Camp at the Sierra Valley Basecamp via The Diamond S Ranch. The Ranch features a rustic and romantic 19th Century barn featuring a Sierra Valley History Museum, the Itchy Back Saloon and an awesome stage. This private ranch is 1500 acres nestled in the Sierra Valley, the largest inter mountain valley in the Sierra Nevada. Surrounding area is called the “Lost Sierras” which is rich in history and adventure. Lost Sierras offer world class MTN. bike trails, stunning views, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, overlanding, hiking, and just about everything you can think of with word "adventure".

PARKING & CAMPING Sierra Valley Basecamp is located on a 1500 acre ranch. Ranch has plenty of space for your RV, Van, Trailer, or tent! No hook ups, that means water and power.  All camping is within walking distance to the barn which will host music, yoga, and includes a fully stocked bar. Get there early and you will have a better chance of making camp with your friends. It will also help to get there together to ensure camping with your friends. However, making new ones is what this is all about!

FAQ What can I bring into the event? GOOD VIBES!! Your Trailer, RV, Van, Reliable camping gear, good shoes, water, food  swim gear, jacket, and food. There will be a shuttle available throughout the day to take you to Lakes Basin area.

Is this a family friendly event? Yes! As well kids under 12 are free. Music will be going till midnight in the barn, so might want to bring some ear plugs for them. Will there be food at the event? Yes, Diamond S Ranch will have Tri tip dinners available Saturday evening, and a food truck will be present as well both days. What activities will be at event site?  ATV tours, hiking, slip and slide, and e bike trails. ATV tours can be booked thru shopping cart. Don't like a tent and want to "Glamp" rent a RV, trailer, van here www.outdoorsy.com or www.rvezy.com

Are there “In and Outs” allowed? YES! We are encouraging everyone to get out and explore the “Lost Sierras” Shuttle bus will be running on Saturday from 9am to 4pm, brining you to and from the Lakes Basin area. You are more than welcome to leave the property and go MTNbike, fish, kayak, paddle board, swim, hike. This area is amazing so please get out and explore! Your wrist band is important to keep on and not loose, this will enable you’re In & Out.

Can I bring my fishing pole, kayak / Paddle board, MTN bike on the shuttle bus to Lakes Basin?  Unfortunately not, you can bring along if you would like to drive yourself. Area is surrounded by gorgeous lakes and awesome mtn bike trails.  We are encouraging everyone to get out during the day and check out the “Lost Sierras”

How much is the Shuttle Bus?  Shuttle bus is running Saturday from 9am – 4pm every hour. Cost is $25 which includes a round trip. Book here

When does the event end? You will be asked to leave the ranch by Sunday evening at 5pm. Is there internet? Yes, we have free internet in the base area next to the barn.

Are dogs allowed? Yes, dogs are allowed, however we ask for them to be on a leash. Please be considerate and clean up after your pet!

Are their showers? Yes, we will have a couple showers available. Water is limited on the ranch, so be considerate when taking one.

Are there toilets? Yes, of course!  We will have them positioned all over the camping area as well next to barn.

What's the refund policy? There are NO REFUNDS for this event.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? We recommend you bring your ticket with all of your information, your valid ID and credit card used to purchase tickets.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferable? You can transfer the name on your ticket. E mail us tickets@sierravalleybasecamp.com

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends? You must transfer the ticket with us.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? info@sierravalleybasecamp.com

Additional information


3 Day Ticket (Sept. 17, 18, 19), Friday Night Only (Sept. 17, 2021), Saturday Night Only (Sept. 18, 2021)

Rules and Regulations

The Sierra Valley Basecamp Rules and Regulations

  1. IMPORTANT: At least one camper at each campsite must be eighteen years old (no unattended children or youth).
  2. Please be responsible for your garbage. Pack it in. Pack it out.
  3. From time to time, it gets windy. Be sure to bring stakes and other methods to keep your tent and canopy.
  4. The Sierra Valley Basecamp and the Diamond ‘S’ Ranch is not responsible for any lost or stolen items at your campsite, in or at your vehicle or trailer, including a Camping Parking Pass.
  5. Campsite parking: The primary vehicle and a guest or support vehicle must be within or near their designated campsite, and well off the roadway. Vehicles must be parked appropriately, not blocking traffic or fire lanes. General Event Parking is free and is located at General Parking in lower Ranch area (no camping here).
  6. All camping reservations must be paid at the time of reservation. Register online here. On-site at the event, cash or valid credit card are accepted for payment.
  7. Water at the Sierra Valley Basecamp and Diamond ‘S’ Ranch is non-potable. The Lost Sierra Basecamp has dry camping (ie. no hook-ups) so please bring water to cover your needs.
  8. Do not waste water! The ranch water system is spring fed and requires recovery time to replenish itself, please be stingy with your usage! Oh…the water is non-potable.
  9. Quiet hours are 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Please abide by the Quiet Hours and respect others. The ‘quiet hours’ includes loud talking, parties, generators, music, and dogs. “Family Camping”/Quiet Area- Quiet hours are to be observed and honored from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am. Please be courteous and polite of fellow campers. If you brought a dog, keep your dog from barking. Any generator must run quietly.
  10. Marked fire lanes must be kept clear at all times. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense.
  11. Driveway speed is 15 MPH. Help us keep the dust down.
  12. No electronic equipment, including radios, which emit a sound beyond the immediate campsite may be used.
  13. Important Campers may only camp in their reserved site. Individuals found camping in an area or a site not reserved by them will be asked to vacate the campsite immediately; an additional campsite charge can be imposed. Stay within your designated campsite space; please do not encroach on your neighbor.
  14. The Diamond ‘S’ Ranch has private owners who reside on the property.  Please stay to the south of the barn.
  15. Dumping gray water onto the ground is prohibited. The Lost Sierra Basecamp is dry camping. There is disposal station located 8 miles from the Ranch at Lake Davis. Please plan accordingly.
  16. The consumption and/or possession of alcohol by a person under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited. No illegal drugs are allowed. For misconduct, a no tolerance policy will be enforced and you will be asked to leave the Lost Sierra Convergence. This is a family-friendly event for all persons to enjoy and to be safe. Please follow all camping rules and regulations.
  17. Personal use of alcohol is permitted within the campground areas only.
  18. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.
  19. No scaffolding or structures are to be erected within camping areas
  20. No bicycle jumping on or over vehicles and other structures of any kind. No destruction of other’s property
  21. No open flame fires are permitted. Propane stoves, grills, heaters may be used at the campsite. No charcoal grills, propane, hibachi or wood fires are allowed.
  22. No personal toilets are allowed
  23. No firearms, fireworks, or weapons of any kind are allowed at the Lost Sierra Convergence.
  24. For Safety: motorcyles or quads are not to ridden on the Ranch during the Lost Sierra Convergence. There are tons of great OHV trails accessible in close proximity to the Diamond ‘S’ Ranch. Ask us for a Map!
  25. E-Bikes, mountain bikes, bmx, and dirt-jumpers are permitted on marked areas of the Ranch.
  26. The California law requiring cyclists under age 18 to wear a helmet is enforced on the Diamond ‘S’ Ranch.
  27. Dogs are allowed at the Lost Sierra Convergence. We are animal lovers! But…please keep your pets and unruly Husbands on a leash at all times. Pick up after them as necessary…
  28. Tread lightly! This one’s a “no-brainer”. Do not litter! You will notice that the ranch is not covered with trash, let’s keep it that way. You have our permission to pick up any litter you see and put it in the trash can … (Thanks for your help on this one…We HATE trash!)
  29. For a life-threatening emergency—call 9-1-1.
  30. A certified drag strip is ¼ mile long, the road coming into the ranch is not… keep it slow…calm down…relax…shut the cell phone off…RELAX and have super fun!
  31. Your Sierra Valley Basecamp staff are available to assist and answer questions of your camping stay. For further daytime assistance– please see Camping Coordinator, at ‘Camping Check-In’.


Event Policies

All ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be provided. In the event of cancellation or postponement for any reason, Sierra Valley Basecamp reserves the right of sole and absolute discretion to choose to either partially refund, refund in whole, not to refund, or to reschedule the event at a later date.

Sierra Valley Basecamp wants to ensure you have the best experience possible, starting with the moment you arrive and present your ticket! All tickets will be exchanged for a Wristband – This wristband is your only access to the event. DO NOT TAKE IT OFF FOR ANY REASON! If you share it, lose it, remove it or damage it, we will not be able to replace it. If you lose, break or misplace your wristband you will need to purchase another ticket to enter the festival.

If you are having any technical ticketing-related issues with your order (e.g. Can’t find order confirmation, having trouble ordering, question about charges, etc.)

If you have questions or concerns, contact us at: tickets@sierravalleybasecamp.com

We strongly recommend everyone who attends abides by the state of California and CDC guidelines. These guidelines are often changing, please review the current guidelines bellow:
California COVID guidelines: https://covid19.ca.gov/safely-reopening/

CDC guidelines: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/large-events/considerations-for-events-gatherings.html

Event Details

Date: September 17, 2021

Start time: 02:00 p.m. EDT

Venue: Sierra Valley Basecamp

Coordinates: 39.8518311,-120.455463