Sierra Valley Basecamp


Sierra Valley Basecamp at the Diamond S Ranch, is an adventure and event mecca for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer their fun in the Open Air. Tucked in the majestic Sierra Nevada, the 5,000ft elevation valley is surrounded by 8,000ft peaks and is the largest intermountaine valley in the Sierra Nevada. Once believed to be an expansive alpine lake like Lake Tahoe, the valley floor’s wide meadows are now home to native and migratory birds, freshwater marshes and fertile farming soils.                                              The centerpiece of the Basecamp is the 100+ year old barn that served an important role in the settling of this area and has continued as a thriving gathering place ever since. The Sierra Valley Basecamp logo features “Olivia” the resident owl of the barn.

Join us for a variety of future fun events that aim to bring together like minded folk to celebrate and share a love for nature, music, food, health and a simpler way of life.

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Diamond S Ranch

The Diamond S Ranch sits on 1500 acres of secluded ranch land in the beautiful Sierra Valley. The ranch has been such a great part of history, and the inside of the barn has been turned into a Sierra Valley History Museum. Our barn is covered with 19th Century memorabilia. You can almost picture the struggle of early pioneers, when working together was critical for basic survival, a concept that is sometimes lost in our fast paced world.

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Getting to Basecamp

The Sierra Valley Basecamp is hosted at The Diamond S Ranch, in Beckwourth, California. 45 minutes from Reno and Truckee. 4 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area.

2634 Beckwourth Calpine Rd. Beckwourth, CA 96129-1947

What to do in the “Lost Sierras”?

“Go for a hike, ride a mountain bike, moto or horse. Hike up to the Sierra Buttes Lookout tower and explore the Pacific Crest Trail and Lakes Basin. Hang at the rivers and lakes – tanin’, swimmin’, fishin’, floatin’, rock jumpin’, SUPin’ or kayakin’ – it’s all good!” – Sierra Trails Stewardship 

Local favorites: 

  • MTN bike Downieville and or Mt Hough, shuttles available by Yuba Expeditions 
  • Hike up to the Sierra Buttes Lookout tower and explore the Pacific Crest Trail and Lakes Basin.
  • Drink craft brews and play disc golf at The Brewing Lair in Blairsden.
  • Go for a tour at the Kentucky Mine.
  • Fly fishing on the North Yuba and Middle Feather rivers.
  • Check out Frazier Falls.
  • Explore the 20 lakes in the Lakes Basin area trail system.
  • Play golf at Grizzly Ranch
  • Sierraville Hot Springs

Sierra Valley Basecamp

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